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Be a Part of Professional City & Town Management in Oklahoma

OMMS continues to look for experienced municipal staff for cities and towns across Oklahoma. We are the only municipal management consulting service in Oklahoma, and we specialize in city government and operations. Are you a public administrator or municipal specialist looking to be a part of the OMMS mission? Please submit your resume to and we will meet with you to discuss your qualifications and any current openings around the state!

There are many areas that these individuals can serve, such as interim city management, municipal consultation, serving as an OMMS regional manager, working with local communities on specific projects, etc. Growing the municipal management profession is an area we focus on and requests for services are growing every day.

Available Positions in Oklahoma

Recreation Supervisor, Parks & Recreation, City of Ponca City: Posted October 14, 2019

Find all information in the job listing provided by the City of Ponca City: Recreation Superintendent

Patrol Officer, City of Ponca City: Posted October 14, 2019

PATROL OFFICER -- # 2016-051

Wage:  $20.11 per hour NON-CLEET-certified ($41,828.80 annually)

              $21.00 per hour CLEET certified ($42,680.00 annually)            Open until filled  

The City of Ponca City offers a financial bonus program for newly hired Police Officers who are certified in Oklahoma or a state with reciprocity, and who are exempt from attending the full CLEET Academy. The bonus has two levels ($3,000 and $5,000), based on years of experience in a full time, certified, law enforcement position prior to employment with the City of Ponca City, and is paid in three parts. Please call Chief Don Bohon at (580)767-0375 for details.

GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION: Operate a motor vehicle for extended periods of time in all environmental conditions and on occasion operates the vehicle at high speeds and in congested traffic situations.  Patrol assigned area of City and enforces state and federal laws and City ordinances; patrols and examines building and residences to detect suspicious conditions and handles situations accordingly.  Directs traffic in congested and emergency areas; reports safety hazards; responds to scene of accident, administers first aid, and investigates cause and file accident reports; issues citations to violators of traffic laws.
Visit the scene of crimes and accidents; searches for and preserves evidence; investigates and interviews victims; witnesses and potential suspects; apprehend those suspected of crimes; participates in line-ups; makes oral and written reports; provides testimony in court.
Speaks before citizen’s groups and participates in various training sessions

In addition to the starting wage, the officer may receive additional educational incentive pay per pay period:

Associate’s Degree or 1000 hours of training                       $35.00 ($910.00 annually)

Bachelor’s Degree or 1500 hours of training                           $60.00 ($1,560.00 annually)

Master’s Degree or 2000 hours of training                               $75.00 ($1,950.00 annually)

Certified Officers with at least 4 years of recent service in a Patrol position may have the opportunity to test for Corporal ($25.35 per hour/$52,728.00 annual salary) after completion of initial field training.

Entry Level EMT/Firefighter, City of Ponca City: Posted October 14, 2019


Open until filled

GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION: Will perform individually and/or as a member of a firefighting or ambulance team and will participate in fire suppression and EMS activities including firefighting, rescue, first aid, ventilation, forcible entry, salvage, overhaul, inspection practices, auto extraction, patient care, and triage. The position of firefighter has a starting annual base wage of $38,022.14. In addition, the firefighter will receive incentive pay based on their level of EMT licensure: EMT-Paramedic - $175 biweekly ($4,550 per year); EMT-Intermediate - $75 biweekly ($1,950 per year); EMT-Basic - $50 biweekly ($1,300.00 per year).

Contact Fire Department Administration at (580) 767-0368 for information on how you can become a part of our candidate pool.

Water Distribution and Wastewater Maintenance Supervisor, City of Bartlesville: Posted October 14, 2019

Oklahoma Municipal Management Services (OMMS) is currently soliciting applications for the position of Water Distribution and Wastewater Maintenance Supervisor for the City of Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  The desired candidate will be a “change management” leader who can evaluate current organizational structure and operations and then implement the vision and culture necessary to improve the organization.  The selected candidate, who reports to the Water Utilities Director, will supervise the day-to-day operations of the Water Distribution and Wastewater Maintenance Division of the Water Utilities Department, including maintenance, construction, service work, meter reading, and administrative functions; carry out supervisory responsibility in accordance with policies, procedures and applicable laws including: training in job skills; planning, assigning and directing work; appraising performance; addressing complaints and resolving problems;  and perform cost estimates and layout for construction of water and wastewater line work.  Minimum job qualifications include a High School diploma or GED; and, six or more years of progressively responsible experience; or, any combination of education, training and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the essential functions of the job; valid Class C Water License, valid Class C Wastewater License and valid State Driver's License.  Salary range is $52,977 to $79,456, depending on qualifications.  Selected candidate should also possess knowledge of methods, equipment and materials utilized in water distribution system construction, water systems construction, wastewater collection and maintenance of lines.

An application deadline of Monday, November 18, 2019, is established, or until filled.  Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, three work-related references and salary history, to Oklahoma Municipal Management Services (OMMS), Bartlesville Water Distribution and Wastewater Maintenance Supervisor Search, 1141 East 37th Street, Tulsa, OK, 74105, or email to

Interns: Posted October 1, 2019

Oklahoma Municipal Management Services (OMMS) is recruiting for Administrative Interns.

Participate in a variety of administrative tasks related to the management of cities and towns in Oklahoma, such as budgeting, planning, special projects related to infrastructure or public safety, etc.

Must be a junior, senior or graduate student in Public Administration or related field.

Send a letter of interest and a resume by email to: