Oklahoma Municipal Management Services is here for you.


Helping to provide municipal management services that assist with the operations of Oklahoma municipalities who have elected to participate. These services include but are not limited to: management assistance, studies, work sessions, and analysis of operations. 



More than just management.


OMMS is more than just a management service – it's a inter-local organization designed with your specific needs in mind. Our services cover everything from administration to information services. Take a look to see what OMMS can do for you.



Assisting cities and towns by providing professional management assistance in the form of municipal management services - as well as providing professional management assistance to local governments and encourage the institutionalization of the Circuit Rider City Manager concepts.



Provide economic development, community development, and professional management to communities in need while encouraging participating governments to develop their own capacity to manage their local programs and services effectively. 



Helping local needs by reviewing municipal ordinances and charter amendments, budget assistance, liaison with other municipalities and county, State, and federal governments, and preparing public notices. When needed, assistance in preparing grant applications  for federal and State grant programs, as well as, review of the administration of approved grant projects. 


Communication & Information

Providing personnel for special assignments to find answers for specific problems and to give appropriate advice to the municipal staff and elected officials. Specializing in fact-finding as well as keeping up to date on State program changes and current issues within Oklahoma municipal governments (e.g. finance, human resource management, general management, and public administration.) 

These videos are for your use to be informative and educational. Check back as there will be more uploaded periodically.