OMMS is an Oklahoma Interlocal Cooperative in which many Oklahoma cities come together to offer management assistance and services to cities and towns. The organization will focus on several primary objectives, including:

  • MANAGEMENT SERVICES: whether on an interim, part-time or project basis, with a focus on assisting cities and towns with long term management stability.

    • INTERIM MANAGEMENT: direct involvement in management placement, both with managers seeking employment and with cities and towns seeking managers

    • CONTRACT MANAGERS: assist with a directory of part-time or contract managers who can assist with specific projects in all areas of the state

    • CIRCUIT RIDER MANAGERS: regional management assistance on as as-needed basis

    • MANAGEMENT INTERN PLACEMENT: direct placement or sharing of management interns between cities and towns

  •  REGIONAL COORDINATION: regional agreements to provide services that are difficult for individual cities and towns; identifying and assisting cities with shared services

    • Economic Development, Grant Writing, Engineering, Bidding

    • HR, Code Enforcement, Animal Control, IT Support, etc.

  • MUNICIPAL RESEARCH: providing studies and information that assist cities and towns in evaluating their operations, including:

    • DATABASE: a database of information that helps cities analyze operations

      • financial analysis, rate study, sales tax study, employee comparisons

    • SERVICE PROVIDERS: a database of service providers who can assist with specific projects

    • VACANCIES AROUND STATE: current list of management vacancies as well as current list of managers in transition

    • PR, SOCIAL MEDIA, WEBSITE: press releases or other communications tools with comparative statistics, as well as social media and website consultation.


    • FINANCIAL REPORTING: a minimum financial reporting form for City Councils, Commissions and Town Boards, created and endorsed by Crawford & Associates

    • SAMPLE CONTRACT: a sample employment contract for managers and administrators.



OMMS will have an annual membership fee for cities and towns that will cover basic services and a discounted membership rate for special projects.


2,500 and below: $500.00

2,501 – 10,000: $2,000.00

10,001 – 20,000: $4,000.00

20,001 and above: $5,000.00